'What's in the box' - A positively perfect gift

'What's in the box' - A positively perfect gift

Looking for that perfect gift - look no further than these bespoke gift boxes, beautifully wrapped, each containing 5 positively perfect items, suitable for all. 

Each box one intuitively filled with a selection of gorgeous gifts that include items that can be used as positivity trigger tools.


Please note:

The items pictured in the box, act as an example only contents may vary:


 'What's in the box' Options FROM £30.00:


Positivity Box: The perfect pick me up - No one can ever have too much, or too many positive items to add to their day and support ongoing wellbeing.


Congratulations: Perfect present for Birthdays/Special Occasions - when ordering please state occasion.


Pick Me Up/Well wishes: Packed with 5 items perfect for those recovering from ill-health or feeling a little under the weather.


Revive/Recovery Kits: Perfect for the morning after party! Everything you need to feel positively motivated, hydrated and aid in a speed recovery.


The VIP Bespoke Box FROM £50.00 - Need something extra 'special' please email for further details.