Vinolia-Titanic Luxury Cold Cream Soap x 2 - 170g

Vinolia-Titanic Luxury Cold Cream Bath Bar Soap x 2 170g


Experience the luxury and feel of 'Vinolia-Titanic' luxury soap, with its gentle exquisite aroma - no wonder this was the soap chosen for the first-class passengers and used in all first-class accommodation onboard the RMS “Titanic”. The oval shape and distinctive fragrance have remained the same to this day.


Rich lathering, skin-softening, and clean rinsing, with citronella and a hint of rose scent for a bright, fresh fragrance. Ideal for faces, hands, and relaxing baths. 


It remains packaged in the same designed boxes as it was in 1911/12 with the unmistakable image advertising of the 'Titanic'.


'Upstairs Downstairs' soapboxes are traditionally packaged by hand using wood wool, brown paper and string.





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