Vinolia-Titanic '1st Class' Luxury Cold Cream Soap

Vinolia-Titanic '1st Class' Luxury Cold Cream Soap

2 x 25g Vinolia- Titanic Luxury Guest Soap 


It is not every day that one has the chance to use a body care product with such historical significance. First produced in 1910, Vinolia Otto Toilet Soap was provided in First Class cabins on the maiden voyage of the Titanic. This fine English soap contains skin-softening cold cream and is scented with lemon balm and a hint of spice...


“Vinolia” Titanic Luxury Guest Bar Soap as supplied to all the first-class passengers and used throughout all the public rooms on the RMS “Titanic” - This product is the 25g guest cloakroom convienience -  but also, perfect size for childrens hands.




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