'Upstairs Downstairs' Soap Box - Positively Unique

'Upstairs Downstairs' Soap Box - Positively Unique

Positively unique 'Upstairs Downstairs' Soap Gift Box containing both luxury and practicality for the home:


Each box contains

1 x 170g "Vinolia-Titanic" Bath Soap

2 x   25g "Vinolia-Titanic" Guest Soap (the perfect size for children's hands).

1 x  130g Redbouy Carbolic Soap Bar

1 x  100g Carbolic Household Flakes 

Plus, history  information and tips leaflet 


Vinolia-Titanic Luxury Cold Cream Soap


Vinolia was provided to all first-class passengers and in the public rooms aboard the RMS Titanic. The shape and fragrance remain the same to this day, as does the packaging - showing the 1911/12 colour illustration featuring the ill-fated ship.  This was in fact, the only product to feature the Titanic in advertising before she set sail. All other suppliers and partners had decided to wait until after her maiden voyage had been completed, as they considered the impact of advertising would be far greater. Since she never completed the journey those other companies lost their opportunity to associate themselves with the Titanic, whilst Vinolia gained fame for being the first and only one to do so.



Carbolic Household Soap with its unique smell of 'clean' is a traditional British soap. For many, you will remember the aroma of their mothers or grandmother's houses. Used since the 1870s in virtually all areas of the household (upstairs and down) including grease from pots and pans, floor cleaning - yet mild enough for hand washing and perfect for laundry and those collars and cuffs which needed to be brilliantly white!


Before the introduction of many chemically laden anti-bacterial sprays and wipes, Carbolic Acid was the mainstay of cleaning and laundry in houses, hospitals, factories, shops, schools, public baths, and institutions.