Pocket Positivity Paperback

Pocket Positivity Paperback

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"Tea & Toast for the Soul" - Ursula James


Pocket sized self-development advice packed with tools, tips, and techniques. 

  • Pocket Positivity

    'Alison Forge writes self-help books based on her experinces of what really works 'Pocket Positivity' has a no nonsese approach and does exactly what is says on teh tin, enabling readers to find self help methods that work for them. This is what makes this book so refreshing. Unlike many self help writes, Alison does not claim to have all the answers on the contrary she writies with realism and common sesne, making this a believable guide.

    After battling with numerous diagnosed health issues, which have included Cancer and Crohns Disease, She took a leap of faith and self discoverythat lead to health, happiness and success. Her journey eventaully found her helping other to do the same. Alison is a transormational life teacher and mentor regularly giving talks and seminars which inspire peorple to take one leap to a new life.




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