“In this second book, Pocket Positive-Power, Alison has shared more of her insights with snapshots of spiritual wisdom in her own true-to-life authentic style. She has a passion for sharing her own truths with enthusiasm and positivity and here, once again, provides pocketfuls of guidance in such a way that it is almost impossible for her not to grab your attention”. - Chrissie Astell Spiritual Educator and award-winning Angel Expert and author including Seven Steps into Angel Light, Gifts from Angels, The Guardian Angel Oracle and Discovering Angels (Watkins Publishing) www.Angellight.co.uk 


Alison Forge is well qualified in recognising that being positive does not always come easily. In spite of dysfunctional living, abusive relationships, numerous diagnosed health conditions that include Crohns Disease at nineteen, Cancer at twenty-six, DVT’s and multiple major surgical procedures over a period of forty years, she writes with an infectious sense of powerful energy to inspire and motivate based on her experiences, sharing with others how they too can build a foundation of support in finding balance and moving forward at times of self-doubt. 


Following on from the success of her first book “Pocket Positivity”, “Pocket Positive-Power” provides the reader with yet more tools to tackle life’s stumbling blocks and challenges. Alison’s reputation as a life healing teacher, lifestyle coach and natural intuitive ‘Problem Solver’ has grown by way of the results seen by her clients glowing recommendations and testimonials. This has led to her comment being sought by local and national press, international publications and the BBC.


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