Happy New Year - Positive/Negative

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

HNY greetings come to you on this first blog for 2020 - the website and this blog have been a long time coming - mainly through my procrastination of doing something about getting it sorted and live again!

The only reason it is up and running now is that I had to STOP due to the dreaded winter viral lurgy, which symptoms included amongst other things laryngitis. Limited in what I could do over the past week or so - my website and this blog is born.

I think we all know that feeling of disappointment and frustration when something affects life and plans but, those feelings don't serve when held onto. They certainly don't reduce anxiety or support peace of mind and healing. Trying to fight aggressively to move in the direction of wanting/wishing things to be different doesn't work. Being kind and gentle with yourself and accepting that whatever is happening actually offers an opportunity in perhaps a different direction or, way to allow frustration and disappointment to be calmed. Then your focus is able to turn toward achieving success in perhaps a different way - even if it is just purely to stop and take time out, because that's what is needed.

By trusting the Universe/God/Source is giving you an opportunity, you may discover something about yourself/life. You may see it more as a gift of opportunity and time, to recognise what needs to change, to make plans and take action. So often when life is busy we don't get the chance or make the time - do we?!

I am looking forward to feeling 100% again, not verbally communicating is a tricky one for me! (I wish I had an emoji here). So, in the meantime, I am making the most of catching up on all those things that would not be getting done - this being one of them. Together that is with taking things easier, drinking amongst other things lots of honey and lemon, working on and writing the first workshop of the year which is happening on the Isle of Man - in February, and in between doing some reading and watching some inspiring movies!

Looking forward to touching base again soon and sharing more as we positively welcome 2020.

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