Blast from the past - but worth sharing again!

Hello, I have just come across the below newsletter I sent out in 2015, as I was 'de-cluttering' my computer! As you may know, it's a full moon in Virgo tomorrow, with the next couple of days being an excellent time to do some work on releasing and de-cluttering. Finding the email prompted the reminder that it's not just our possessions we need to revisit and acknowledge, but also, patterns held - hence, the share ...... 'Most of us are raised to have expectations in almost every area of life, but especially when it comes to relationships, be that family, friends, lovers or work colleagues. We can feel hurt, unheard and let down when our expectations are not met.  Judgment is soon made about the person and situation created by their actions or, lack of them! Perhaps they never say 'thank you' for a gift. Live around the corner but never visit. Say they will call but never do or, their support absent in times of crisis. If nothing changes and your expectations remain the same, hurts will fester and turn into anger. Resentment will build, ultimately leading to a rift that is difficult to heal on all sides. To overcome expectations and the hurts caused by this can be a huge challenge, as is the acceptance that whatever the situation, it is ultimately for the greater good of all concerned! We learn from challenges. Moving to a place of acceptance can go against everything we have been taught - our expectations on how others SHOULD behave. Lessons that have perhaps at a very young age been drummed into us - how often have you heard someone say 'It wasn't like that for me',  'I would never have been allowed to do that' or ' I would never dream of saying or doing such a thing'. Every one of those statements stems from an expectation and attached with it a judgment - through a learned pattern of behavior. When we can step out of what is expected then we move into unconditional love. Unconditional love has no expectation, it asks for nothing in return, and never judges! It is the acceptance of another's journey. Unconditional love is the only way something can be released without there being resentment and, regret. When you can step into that place, there becomes inner peace. Together with the recognition of growth, understanding, compassion, and empathy in all situations. Everything truly does happens for a reason. Unconditional love MUST begin with ourselves by putting in place our OWN boundaries, and not those created by the opinion of others!   If something or someone is making you feel unloved, unwanted, insecure or lacking in any way, revisit what boundaries are set. Look at the choices that could be made to change, remove negative feelings, and remember we cannot force or, wish another to change. Boundaries enable us to remain connected to our true selves and, let go of feelings of being a victim. Without boundaries, we cannot love and without love, we cannot let go of judgment and hurt! I know it can be tricky to get boundaries in place. Listed below are some questions to consider, to aid in finding and supporting unconditional love for yourself and, others. What pushes your buttons? Do you feel it's always you who makes the effort? Are you heard and your feelings taken into consideration? Is it always you who plans, pays, remembers? Are your actions unconditional and, serving to yourself and others? Do you feel like a victim, taken for granted, or bullied? Are answering yes to all or any of the above? If so then boundaries need to change, and expectations recognised, and, let go of in order for resentment and ill-feelings to change. Unless you can give or do an action without accepting any reward or acknowledgment, then the gift or action is not unconditional - you are looking for love/gratitude/approval/to be heard and seen in the way YOU would like it to be expressed. So even by giving you are hurting yourself and not acknowledging why you are giving - ultimately to help yourself feel loved'. As always wishing you love, light, peace, and many blessings, Alison x For more information on how you can gain in supporting lasting positive change drop me an email

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