If you have attended one of my workshops, courses or, a Mindfulness and Meditation session, you may have noticed quietly in the background the sound of classical music playing, and, usually Mozart. I play Mozart for a variety of reasons, in fact there are far too many reasons to list all in one blog, but here is a sample of just a few of those many reported benefits.

1. Anti-social behaviour: The roughest McDonalds in London found that anti-social behaviour decreased when classical music was played as did various train stations who also adopted this approach. It's also reported that a German team has been looking into the use of Mozart to lower 'road rage' and driver aggression on the nation’s highways.

2. Brainpower: Research found that students who listened to classical music had far better test results than those who didn't. (The jury is out on the 'Mozart Effect' with some research arguing that the results are not as proven as suggested) But, it is thought that regular exposure to classical music improves IQ. Check out the research on rats by Rauscher, Robinson, and Jens' (1998) in which a study found improved maze running following early music exposure, it makes for an interesting read! I could go on and on here, as there is so much ongoing research especially at the University Hospital Vienna, and the use of the 'Tomatis Method'.

3. Physical Performance: Several studies have been done researching the benefit of music and your workout. Apparently listening to music increases your drive, speed, endurance and improve overall motivation. More information can be found - National Center for Health Research website.

4. Reduces Anxiety: If you are in need of calming some heated emotions after a long day, take a few minutes to stop and listen to a a piece of classical music. Studies have shown that it has a physiological effect similar to that of having a physical massage, this is due to positive chemical reactions that assist in reducing symptoms of anxiety, stress and, depression.

5. Quality of sleep: Proven to aid better nights sleep patterns, researchers found that College students suffering from insomnia had improved sleep after listening to classical music therapy. So, next time you are struggling to nod off, why not try listening to Brahms Lullaby. It has got to be better than counting sheep! I have added the lyrics below, it was not until quite recently that realised there were so many verses!

6. Pain: As music helps to reprogram the brain, listening to classic music aids in reducing chronic pain as you focus on the sound, it has also shown in studies to speed the healing process post surgery and assist in healing damaged tissue.

7: Stroke patients: It was found that patients in recovery showed greater audible memory, and overall improvement. Frustration and dark moods lifted, with patients being calmed, when exposed to classical music for two hours each day. Studies also show, that classical music has great promise for the treatment of epilepsy.

8. Blood Pressure: Many scientists have studied the benefits of classical music and it's ability to lower blood pressure. A paper published in the NCBI journal list stated this Conclusion:

'Music by Mozart and Strauss lowered the subjects’ blood pressure and heart rate, while music by ABBA did not. Mozart’s music had the strongest effect; the piece used was his Symphony No. 40 in g minor (KV 550)'.

9. Choose carefully: Think any music will do! Apparently not, some studies suggest or rather advise NOT to listen to heavy metal or, base club beats if your angry and upset, stating that it hightens anger and aggression! Another study published by E Labbé - ‎2007 reported '....... listening to self-select or classical music, after exposure to a stressor, significantly reduces negative emotional states and physiological arousal compared to listening to heavy metal music or sitting in silence'.

Brahms Lullaby Lyrics:

Lullaby and goodnight In the sky, stars are bright 'Round your head Flowers gay Set your slumbers till day Lullaby and goodnight In the sky, stars are bright 'Round your head Flowers gay Set your slumbers till day Close your eyes Now and rest May these hours be blessed Close your eyes Now and rest May these hours be blessed Bonne nuit cher enfant Dans tes langes blanches Repose joyeux En rêvant des cieux Quand le jour reviendra Tu te réveilleras Quand le jour reviendra Tu te réveilleras Lullaby and goodnight In the sky, stars are bright 'Round your head Flowers gay Set your slumbers till day.

I could add so much more on this topic, but enough for now! perhaps, another time .

Wishing you a very goodnight and, peaceful sleep, until the next time.

Alison x

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