12 Tips - Keeping Positive

This is a blast from the past. I first shared this back in July 2014. No matter how many times we see things like this it's alway good to revisit and have a reminder of the many ways we can all support changing thoughts - and a positive to add to this new blog.

1. Practice gratitude and goodwill to others. There is always something/someone to be grateful for, always something/someone in need. 

2. Watch your thoughts, are they supporting you or bringing you down? You can change a thought in a second ''I no longer allow my thoughts to scare me'. Keep repeating this you can also use a breath count (found in Pocket Positivity) or simply mindfully inhale 3- hold for 5 and exhale away, when your mind wanders (which it will) return back to the affirmation/mantra and so on.

3. Look outside - Focus on what you can see, the wonders and work that has gone into creating what is around us. From the moving clouds to the (ugly!) car park building in the distance, it's all energy that surrounds us. You can lose yourself in meditation if you really look into what you see, think about how it was made or, how it is moving. If you cannot see anything in detail imagine it in your minds eye and it will become as clear as day.

4. Become and be aware of more that you connecy with in daily life, recognise the miracles, there are many.

5. Acknowledge and give thanks for the help and support received from friends, family, and strangers. All are your earth Angels - how lucky are you?

6. Food that you eat and liquid that you drink. Is it healing and helping or, harming and destroying.

7. Laugh lots even on your own (I try and watched you-tube funny video's especially when Im in hospital).

8. Read inspiring stories, gain in trivia anything that brings your mood and energy higher - feel uplifted.

9. Connect and support your dreams, keep a journal and believe nothing is impossible.

10. Allow yourself to let off steam, share emotion, don't hold back tears ... it is ok to feel afraid, lost, lonely, frustrated and sad. Sometimes a good cry helps to let go, acknowledge all of the above. Then wash your face, take a deep breath then blowing all the emotions out. Find a thought away from your challenge or the thoughts that are dragging your down, even if it is the weather, focus on your breath, make the distraction needed.

11. Support your healing by helping yourself even when it hurts! There is no point other people trying to help, if you are not going to help yourself. It's our responsibility to help others, help us. Sometimes that means (a necessary) discomfort.

12. Stay focused and positive about the challenges being faced, know with certainty that all things come to pass - and so shall this situation and experience.

It is also good to remember this quote 'Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they're supposed to help you discover who you are'. - Bernice Johnson Reagon

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