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Fools Journey Online Course

Here is an invitation to embark on the Fool's Journey or Hero's journey as it is sometimes called. What is the Fools Journey? It’s an exercise of assisting you in a greater understanding of your own soul journey, life purpose - ultimately the goal is to realise wholeness!
Fools Journey Online Course

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Time is TBD
Email - info@alisonforge.com

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If you are interested in developing your intuition and learning more about reading cards then this is for you .... Over the course of this twenty-three day emailed course you will learn various facts, thoughts, trivia (because “I love a bit of trivia”) and written exercise about the cards - Oh, and some trigger songs, because music is good for the soul! (With regard to the song/music I encourage you to sing along out loud of course and, break out into any wicked dance-moves, but possibly not in public!). This course is designed to strengthen your intuition and as you become more aware of insight gain confidence in your self and true inner power. If this resonates and you feel you would like to embark on this enlightening journey, why wait to sign up today. Copyright © 2018 - Forge Ahead - All rights reserved.
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