Which technique?

I get asked a lot ‘So, what technique do you use on your workshops and sessions’. My reply ‘I don’t like to share too much but, they are structured, intensive, informative, interesting, fun and proven’. 

Why don’t I go into more detail? Because as soon as we are given an idea, assumptions and judgments made. Exciting things in life unfold easily from the unknown, opportunities are born from surprise - and what comes next.  

Fear, doubt and discomfort are caused by overthinking of what something may or may not be like. Presumptions made, and, on a subconscious level, reactions preempted. Hence my reluctance, as there is far more to be gained from just being open and willing to explore what I can offer you to assist in making positive change, not just happen, but remain.

Why do I use so many techniques and not just one? Because I found personally I was very reluctant to change, one technique not enough! For me, a technique would be going well for a little while, and then I would fall back into my pit of despair. But by focusing on a variety of proven tools and techniques I built a toolbox. I created exercises and formed habits drawing on many things. So my conscious mind had lots to draw upon, enabling my subconscious to form positive patterns and habits - this is now what I share and teach.

Think about driving to a new destination, the first few times concentration is needed to arrive (happily) at your destination. But, soon once this journey has been repeated several times there is no need to focus. The mind begins to wander off - but where to? Where do your thoughts wander off when you are not focusing, what is the default setting positive/negative?

Until thoughts are supporting and positive a different route is needed to stop damaging self-hypnosis.  I know what it’s like to be SO resistant to change, negativity and fear were my default thought settings. A change had to happen, try as I might I wasn’t arriving at my destination happily, in fact, I was stuck and stalling, my health and relationships showed this - life sucked!

So, returning back to the question ‘What happens on my workshops and sessions?’ -  The truth of living life positively focused, assist in gaining clarity and discovery of self and strengthening confidence and intuition. An opportunity to forge peace from within so the arrival at your chosen destination can be successful, safe, sound and enjoyable.