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'As a transformational teacher and intuitive problem solver, I assist teams and individuals in reducing stress, find balance and gain clarity. With the use of a variety of structured proven tools and techniques, steps are taken to support positive change in every area of life



  • ‘Forge Ahead to Positive Power in 2022’
    2 - 4 September 2022
    Brightlife, Isle of Man
    2 - 4 September 2022
    Brightlife, Isle of Man
  • Fools Journey Online Course
    Time is TBD
    Email - info@alisonforge.com
    Time is TBD
    Email - info@alisonforge.com
    Here is an invitation to embark on the Fool's Journey or Hero's journey as it is sometimes called. What is the Fools Journey? It’s an exercise of assisting you in a greater understanding of your own soul journey, life purpose - ultimately the goal is to realise wholeness!
  • 1.2.1  'Garden Cottage' Residential V.I.P  Retreats
    Time is TBD
    Garden Cottage, Kingscott
    Time is TBD
    Garden Cottage, Kingscott, Kingscott, Torrington EX38 7JW
    Bespoke and tailored to make positive change happen quickly.
  • 1.2.1  'Thornbury Castle' Residential V.I.P  Retreats
    Time is TBD
    Thornbury Castle, Thornbury, Bristol, UK
    Bespoke and tailored to make positive change happen quickly.

Client Testimonials

'As part of a large organisation in the South West of England, like many we are facing times of austerity and change. This was having a huge impact on my staff, their motivation and starting to affect their personal lives. I was seeing an increase in sickness levels, referrals for support and counseling. I approached Alison to deliver a short workshop to equip my staff with tools and techniques to support them through this difficult time and help them to understand the importance of a work-life balance and how to implement this successfully. 
The workshop was delivered at exactly the right level for a wide audience, men and women and a range of ages. This provided me as the individual responsible for a large team feeling like I was able to make a difference and offer tangible support to them. In short, I wish I had done this sooner'!

A Williams

'I met Alison at the Natural Health and Healthy Living show in Cardiff late last year and was drawn towards her sensing genuine and warm energy which I knew I could trust. Instantly, and undoubtedly, I knew she was good for me. We spoke for some time as she explained about her workshop, this was captivating and something I knew I could do, and I felt I almost owed it to myself to do. Alison explained the course was very structured and set out in an orderly sequence and time managed. She did not discuss the content of the course and my view on that is I went in with an open mind. It was as it's named, exactly, 'transformational'...powerfully connecting my inner self, guided lovingly by Alison's expertise, like a soul healing which I think is the best gift anyone can give to themselves. Since then I have found myself no longer looking back and being stuck, but looking forward to the future with positivity, excitement, and enthusiasm. This entered my life at just the right time to help make the shift and boost me forward for the change I so needed. Alison was a wonderful mentor and completely the perfect person to work in this capacity. Also comforting is Alison's lifetime after care knowing that if ever I needed her she would be there. Truly wonderful'!

Catherine Hale

I have been to all of Alison's workshops at Brightlife over the years. She really is the most wonderful teacher and healer. Very generous with her gifts and gives 110% and more. I can't recommend her highly enough,

Billee Saade

Alison is a bright guiding star with her amazing gifts, epic talent and kindness....making everyone feel comfortable, confident and optimistic .. it was a true blessing meeting Alison and from the start, she helped me simplify life's dilemmas, gain new perspective and freedom to live happier🌟 As well as learning a lot the experience is always fun.....
I have since been on several courses with Alison and each time loved every minute.... thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is looking for positive changes🌟
Brightlife is a fabulous venue🌟So looking forward to March

Sara York

The two day "Forge Ahead " workshop was amazing, the best thing that I've done for myself, money well spent, I can't really explain exactly what happens at the workshop because it needs to be kept from you until your there of course and there are reasons for this, because if you knew then you could prepare! So just trust that you're in very good hands. The course is well laid out and is TRULY AMAZING! Just book and see, be ready for that change you so need, or stay stuck it's up too you....be that change that you want to see, you won't regret it x

Sue Davies

Just booked my place to attend the next workshop. I am so lucky,  had such an amazing experience last year that I can't wait for March to be there again. Thank you Alison for a truly awesome weekend last year and looking forward to this one. X

Lisa Probert



It was never my intention to become an author, inspirational speaker, lifestyle coach, and agent for positive change! It was just a natural progression that evolved through my own search for health, happiness, and peace.

After years of abuse and over 35 years of diagnosed illnesses. Which included Crohns Disease at the age of 19 and Cancer in my mid 20's, that my search was driven to seek respite from what appeared to be my ever failing life.

Little did I know when I accidentally picked up my first metaphysical book that it would lead to training as a life teacher with such a greater understanding of self, others and the mind-body link.

In sharing what has enabled change to happen in my life, my reputation as a natural intuitive 'Problem Solver' has grown by way of the results seen by my clients, and their glowing recommendations and testimonials. The publishing of 'Pocket Positivity' and my comment being sought by the national press, international publications, and the BBC.

By writing, speaking and facilitating workshops/retreats, it is my aim to inspire and empower others to see that positive change is possible, regardless of the challenges faced.

How do I know this to be true?

Because I have faced oh, so many challenges, most of them being what people hold in their hearts and minds as fear - and dread. I know what it is like to feel that fear to hunger after a desire to climb out of that pit of despair. But, every pit and challenge I have faced now enables me to assists others.

Client issues range from general unhappiness, despair, difficulties, depression, anxiety, health problems, relationship issues, work/life balance, abuse, trauma, lack of direction and self-worth. So, if you seriously desire for life to positively change on any level, don't hesitate. Do it now, why wait? contact me today for further information on how you too can make the difference in your life, one step/action is all it takes and change begins.


1-2-1 'Make It Happen' Session

A 1-2-1 personal session focuses on getting clarity quickly on what is really important to you.


Group Instruction

Regardless of what is holding you back Alison has a talent for calming and reducing fears that can be causing upset, stress and confusion.