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* If you are feeling lost, lacking and stuck in any area of life, personally or professionally.

* If you feel that your living a life that is meant to be so much more.

* If your days are filled with stress, anxiety or despair.

* If you are trying to move forward with little success then I am here to share with you how to gain clarity and direction that will enable change in your life to happen so quickly ... you will be AMAZED

The only thing that is holding you back is you! To achieve happiness and success action is needed so you can gain and maintain the right mindset that will support you in gaining your goals. I enable you to find and connect with that mindset, to connect with the whole real you. It is only when change is made on a conscious and subconscious level that new patterns are not just formed but the new mindset is able to be maintained. If you only change things on a conscious level your subconscious will hold onto negative patterns causing you to drift back into old negative thinking and patterns of behaviour, limiting beliefs and lacking. Change just on a conscious level is like being interested in something, that is all that you are ... interested. But when you make the change on both levels it is like changing the interest to a commitment ... and when you commit to something you really make it happen, it becomes REAL.

Through my own experiences and journey I have become an expert on what works and it is my passion to share this with others .. If you want the weight that you are holding and carrying  to be lifted, if you want to move forward, gain a solid foundation, confidence in direction that leads to happiness and success on a personal and professional level ... take action now let go of the interest and make the commitment! 

If the above resonates with you and you are sitting on the fence resisting change and hesitating to call or email me, sit back take a couple of deep breaths, relax your shoulders and then ask yourself these questions:

'Why am I resisting positive change'? 

'What limiting fear/belief is holding me back from taking that step to have it all'?

'Why do I want to hold onto fears that stop me living a full life'

What are you waiting for? 

With the glowing recommendations and testimonials from clients, Alison’s quest to help transform other peoples lives is ensured, as others seek her out to help overcome unhappiness and difficulties both in their personal and professional life.




Julia BakerI really enjoyed the course I attended with Alison.  In truth, I gravitated instinctively to Alison at the stand in Haverfordwest, when I was not in such a good state of mind after some major stressful events in my life.  After chatting briefly I knew, having walked a particularly challenging pathway herself, that Alison would be able to offer the wisdom she had learnt, and teach through real practical skills, how to actually access inner truth in order to move through and beyond it. 

I didn't really know what to expect.  The two days were full on, but so insightful and profound in opening inner doors of expression and understanding that, at last, I could start to move forward after being stuck for such a long time.   The group was small enough to benefit from that oh so required compassion, and one to one insights from the journey, and opportunity to chat quietly on more sensitive issues.  The time went so fast!  The healing and release was very powerful and deep in that time, and has continued since, even with having only really used a couple of very powerful tools so far.  So many still  to refer to, if and when time is right too!  Alison not only fulfilled my initial impression of really being able to speak with confidence and insight into real problems and real prospective solutions, but the content of the course was full of wonderfully powerful tools and exercises.  Never a dull moment! I was reassured that I too could access my inner understanding and make these positive steps toward changing my experience and interaction with life.  The change in me has been profound and continues, as does Alison's wonderful positive encouragement and support, which of itself is worth it's weight in gold.  As a complementary therapist myself, I know very well the joy and value of healing on many different levels. There is no greater gift than to help someone to help themselves, from the inside out. Many, many thanks Alison. Keep up the fantastic work!
With love and gratitude, bless your heart!

Julia Baker



'Alison Forge has a friendly, real life inspirational and empowering approach. She enables others to visualise how they too can easily put in place positive change. Her enthusiasm is inspiring, infectious and intoxicating. She is someone who has faced most of what people hold in their hearts and minds as fear and is a fantastic example of what can be achieved by turning fear around'.

B. I.O.M



'Alison gets straight to the point of finding out what is blocking health, success and happiness. Even if you have everything in place, but for some reason it’s just not happening then she is your ideal go to person to get things moving and gain the clarity needed to realise results'.




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